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A Deeper Dive Into Diabetes

by | Dec 3, 2022

Happy Sunday To All!

Last week we focused primarily on cardiovascular issues; this week we will dig a little deeper into a related metabolic condition, one which I have pounded on repeatedly, but deserves a deeper dive…Type 2 Diabetes. Just so we are all on a level knowledge playing field, there are 2 types of diabetes mellitus…Type 1, which is diagnosed in childhood, and Type 2, which is adult onset. These days, some even tag a Type 1.5, which begins in late adolescence or early adult…and even a “Type 3”, which is more commonly coined Alzheimer’s Disease with consequent cognitive decline.

Type 1 diabetics are insulin dependent, as they are mostly devoid of the beta cells in the pancreas which produce insulin, and will not survive without daily insulin injections, or more recently, insulin delivered via pump. Diet and lifestyle optimization is still critical here, but Type 1’s will never get off insulin, although they may still reduce necessary dosages significantly. This type is in part genetically mediated, and has been considered by some an autoimmune condition, in which the pancreatic beta cells are attacked and destroyed early in life. ( I have heard of isolated cases where Type 1’s have gone on a raw vegan diet long term, and actually gotten off insulin, but these are rare cases).

Type 2 diabetics are those whom, primarily due to poor lifestyle choices, have gradually “burned out” the beta cells to a point at which insulin production can no longer keep up with blood glucose control, thus blood sugar eventually rises to the point where treatment is necessary. Standard treatment for many years has been prescription of drugs which either force the pancreas to secrete even more insulin, excrete glucose through the kidneys, or make cells more insulin-sensitive, so less is needed for glucose control…or finally, prescription of exogenous forms of insulin to replace that which the pancreas can no longer make. Virtually all of these methods will ultimately fail, full-blown Type 2 diabetes results, and all the effects which come along with it, including cardiovascular compromise, kidney disease, neuropathy, and vision loss.

The bad news is that conventional medicine has embraced these therapeutic methods for so long, it has become standard operating procedure, with patients resigned to ultimate decline. The good news is, those who research and dig much deeper now know that this condition can be arrested and even reversed…in short order if caught in time, and the non-functioning beta cells can actually be brought back to full function over time! I’ve taught you all about the dietary, exercise, and nutritional supplement changes which are so effective in changing the blood sugar landscape, often to the point where we can get insulin and drug dependent Type 2’s off medications within a matter of weeks! If you are a Type 1.5, 2, or even 3…or if you know those who are, be sure to spread the good news and let them know help is available, and they can once again live a more normal life without medications or worse.

Moving from a state of insulin-resistance to insulin-sensitivity is the key; in fact, all of you on our program are doing just that day-by-day, and at CFL, we not only provide the tools and knowledge to do so, but also the devices and tests to measure progress objectively along the way (including the Continuous Glucose Monitors and the Metabolic Lab Testing). These include the dietary guidelines, specific exercise guidance, and supplementation designed to improve glucose control. (Proper supplementation actually improves insulin sensitivity at the cell receptor level and increases the number of mitochondria in cells, as does the proper resistance training). If in need, but this has not been fully discussed with me…do not wait, I am happy to educate and guide you further.

Please enjoy the balance of your Sunday; by the time you read this post, I’ll be packing to return from vacation and fully back in the trenches with you all this week and beyond!


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