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A New Perspective on Lyme Disease

by | Oct 7, 2022

Happy Sunday To All!

First, as promised, let’s dig in deep to a condition we are all too familiar in New England, Lyme Disease. This is a potentially devastating condition which can destroy quality of life; it is caused by a tick bite, but can also be transmitted by other insects at times. The first sign of Lyme is a bullseye rash at the site of the bite, however, this is only perceived by the patient in about 1/3 of cases. The tough part about this disease is that the symptoms vary so widely among patients, and can range from debilitating to no symptoms at all. Lyme Disease, and a range of other infections which closely resemble it are caused initially by a number of “stealth microbes” most often borrelia species. But here, I’m going to resurrect the last statement of my post of last week…realize that the causative factors of many diseases and conditions we may suffer from have been with us humans for eons…it is simply the changes in our lifestyles and diet which have allowed them to manifest symptoms more recently – change the lifestyle choices, and the symptoms will go away…or never manifest at all!”

Borrelia has been on the planet for many millions of years, and has likely been infecting humans since we first walked the earth…yet, we did not hear so much about Lyme Disease until the 1970’s? Could there be another cause for the more recent preponderance of symptomatic cases? In addition, the presentation is so different from patient to patient, there must be something about each patient which dictates the course of the illness. While there is no way to prove it in a research study, I believe the underlying factor is the status of the immune system which differentiates how each patient may suffer. I also believe it’s more than coincidence that it was during the 1970s that we began to see significant rises in obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and a host of other metabolic conditions, and at about the same time, the diagnosis of Lyme and associated diseases, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and autoimmune disorders jumped accordingly. Could there possibly be cause and effect here?

For the sake of argument, let’s accept the above theory to be valid; this offers a whole new potential perspective on what can now be done to address these conditions on a therapeutic level. All of a sudden, our focus shifts from killing a causative organism to strengthening an immune system to effectively battle the manifestations of the disease process. (Now…this is where the rest of you not specifically concerned with Lyme Disease should listen up!) The treatment protocol now shifts from prescription of antibiotics…to attempt to kill organisms very adept at hiding from these drugs…to strengthening the defenses of the entire host so the bugs cannot effectively reproduce and take hold again. The CFL Program you currently follow goes a long way towards strengthening immunity, but the herbal and nutritional supplement protocol is very specific and must be followed longer-term to relieve and prevent recurrence of chronic symptoms. This is all based upon years of laboratory and clinical research by experts in the field who have seen exciting results with their Lyme patients…(I, of course, comb through it all so you don’t have to.)

Equally as exciting is that this protocol has been shown effective in cases of similar conditions including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune diseases, and a host of other conditions which can defy proper diagnosis and treatment in a conventional physician’s office. If any patient is currently afflicted with acute or chronic Lyme or similar conditions…or knows anyone who is and may benefit from this protocol, please email me directly at for further details.

Finally, a brief update on the previous posts regarding the use of semaglutide to enhance weight loss; many of you responded to my earlier email, wishing to schedule for this service. At this time, we are working on pre-scheduling patients, and expect to implement this service through our allied partner Significant Medical Weight Loss, so please expect a call over the next week or so to finalize the scheduling process. This will also be a 100% virtual process, where participants will be prescribed and sent the medication for self-administration, with detailed instructions and safety information; however, you will never be alone as we remain here to guide you through the entire process. This service shall be offered in 3 tiers:

  • Option #1/Bronze Package: Prescription & Delivery of Required Medication, Supplies, & Instruction
  • Option #2/ Gold Package: Same As Option 1, But Also Including Comprehensive Dietary & Exercise Guidelines, Recipes, and Monitoring
  • Option #3/ Platinum Package: Same As Option 2, Including Biometric Scale, Lumen & CGM Devices, DNA Analysis, and Full Clinical Guidance & Communication Throughout

*NOTE: Current CFL patients will always only need Option 1, unless you are in need of a formal Restart.

Please enjoy the balance of your Fall Sunday, and remember to step outside of your comfort zones often…only there does valuable change take place!


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