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About Compass Fat Loss in Glastonbury, CT

At Compass Fat Loss we offer medical weight loss, metabolic weight loss and fat loss and More! We are conveniently located at 76 Eastern Blvd. Suite 103 Glastonbury, CT 06033, United States. For more information call today or simply request an appointment online!

  1. At Compass Fat Loss we understand these are trying times, and also the perfect time to make your weight loss and wellness a priority.
  2. Proprietary technology and telehealth make the entire process simple, convenient, and highly effective.
  3. You will communicate with the doctor and clinical staff throughout your journey in real time from home, office, or on the run. Consistent communication is the key!
  4. With our modular program, you pay only for the weight you need to lose!
  5. How would YOU feel if YOU were Down 20, 30, 50, even 100 pounds or more??? Thousands before you have at Compass Fat Loss, with videos and testimonials throughout our site!
  6. Reducing risk factors for metabolic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol issues and many others is the cornerstone of our practice. Most patients, along with their doctor’s guidance, will see a reduction or elimination of medications!

76 Eastern Blvd. Suite 103 Glastonbury, CT 06033

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