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Heart to Heart – Cardiovascular Function & Risk

Happy Sunday To All! As I release this Sunday’s post, I am most likely sunning on a beautiful beach in Aruba...ah, vacation at last…as unplugged as my nature allows be to be, but still thinking of all of you back home. Just because I’m vacation doesn’t mean you get a...

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Compass New Model Details

Happy Sunday To All! OK, so first, after reading through all the stories submitted this past week, I am excited to award first prize, the custom floral arrangement to Corrie Wallace. Second prize, the towel arrangement shall be awarded to Jean Bartalotta. Please both...

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Proposed Change in Program Structure

Happy Sunday To All! Before I begin, we have about 1,500 members in this private group alone; at the end of this post, I'm going to ask one question, and I expect (hope for) 1,500 answers! Well…things at CFL are about to change dramatically – as usual, I’ll tell you...

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Choosing the Right Supplements…Etc.

Happy Sunday To All! First, let’s talk about some business issues which you’ll never see a physician talk about to his or her patients; you simply cannot imagine how many companies come to me weekly touting the advantages of their equipment, supplements, or other...

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New Routine for Plateaus…and More On Semaglutide

Happy Sunday To All! First…a substantial number of patients have expressed interest in beginning semaglutide therapy to enhance weight loss and reduce cravings and hunger. Many have already been shipped their supplies and are beginning therapy. If you are one who has...

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A New Perspective on Lyme Disease

Happy Sunday To All! First, as promised, let’s dig in deep to a condition we are all too familiar in New England, Lyme Disease. This is a potentially devastating condition which can destroy quality of life; it is caused by a tick bite, but can also be transmitted by...

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Semaglutide & Weight-Loss

Happy Sunday To All! First…even with all the posts, texts, and emails there seems to be a bit of confusion regarding Restarts; all Restarts will be utilizing the new Metabolic Enhancement Packets in place of the previous 3 bottles of drops. Restarts will receive a...

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What’s The Best Diet for Us Humans?

Happy Sunday To All! First, here’s a segment we did last week on Great Day CT with Scott & Kara; it offers the story of our patient Chris Cyr, who successfully lost about 75 pounds with the CFL Program, and has kept it off. This is a usual story for me, but there...

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Healthy Aging Strategies

Happy Sunday To All! First, here's a little Sunday bonus...due to the lower cost to us of the new Metabolic Enhancement Packs, we are passing the savings along to you by reducing the cost of a formal Restart from $599 to $399! If you are one who may need this jump...

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Metabolic Enhancement Packs!

Happy Sunday & Happy Labor Day Weekend To All! Finally…we are ready for the full transition to the new Metabolic Enhancement Packs! As of next week, all new patients will now receive these as a part of their Initial Kit, and all existing patients are welcome to...

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