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Back to Some Basics!

Here's a bit of theater I created for you all...jut to remind you of why we are on this journey together!

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Deeper Dive Into Thyroid Function

Happy Sunday To All! First, in an earlier post, I had mentioned my affinity for Rush Bowls, the little place that makes the smoothies and veggie/fruit bowls. They were kind enough to give our patients a 20% discount on their first order, so if you ever wind up there,...

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Final Thoughts On The Program Transition

Happy Sunday & Happy 2023 To All! Resolutions are for suckers! – Let’s all make a full-on commitment to make 2023 the best and healthiest year ever, no turning back, failure is simply NOT an option! First, a couple of points which will come as good news to all:...

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Final Details on New Model…Etc.

Happy Sunday & Merry Christmas To All! OK, it’s official – I had to end the self-inflicted confusion, and while taking a big gamble for myself, carve the pricing structure in stone. With the transition from Compass Fat Loss to Compass Total Wellness, there have...

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Thoughts To Live By

Happy Sunday To All! Happy Holidays to all and I’d like to use this Sunday’s post to resurrect some former points which I still find very appropriate to the path we are all on, as well as most other endeavors in life. It is a brief video, putting on-screen some...

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Refresher on Video – And Upcoming New Course!

Happy Sunday To All! Today's post will be a bit different and will include a video dedicated to a new course we will be providing over the next 3-4 weeks for those folks who may have considered becoming patients of CFL, but for some reason did not follow through...

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A Deeper Dive Into Diabetes

Happy Sunday To All! Last week we focused primarily on cardiovascular issues; this week we will dig a little deeper into a related metabolic condition, one which I have pounded on repeatedly, but deserves a deeper dive…Type 2 Diabetes. Just so we are all on a level...

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Heart to Heart – Cardiovascular Function & Risk

Happy Sunday To All! As I release this Sunday’s post, I am most likely sunning on a beautiful beach in Aruba...ah, vacation at last…as unplugged as my nature allows be to be, but still thinking of all of you back home. Just because I’m vacation doesn’t mean you get a...

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Compass New Model Details

Happy Sunday To All! OK, so first, after reading through all the stories submitted this past week, I am excited to award first prize, the custom floral arrangement to Corrie Wallace. Second prize, the towel arrangement shall be awarded to Jean Bartalotta. Please both...

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