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Body Composition Analysis Weight Loss Clinic in Glastonbury, CT

At Compass Fat Loss, We Offer a Wide Variety of Metabolism and Weight Loss. Please Call Us. We Are Located at 76 Eastern Blvd. Suite 103 Glastonbury, CT 06033, United States.

At the outset of the Compass Fat Loss program, a detailed Body Composition Analysis is performed on every patient; this allow the physician to asses multiple parameters and build a data-driven platform for each patient. Going forward, the test is repeated every 4 weeks to allow us to objectively assess each patient’s progress, and act to improve or optimize progress when necessary. These readings are actually deemed more critical than the patient’s weight, as they give a clear indication of where health risks lies at each point of the program, and clearly delineate a landing goal weight when optimal numbers are reached. These readings include:

* Body Weight

* BMI (Body Mass Index)

* Hydration Level

* % of Body Fat

* % of Visceral Fat

These are the 5 primary readings, although many others are measured and monitored during the treatment process. Paying close attention to these numbers often allows us, with the participation of the patient’s primary care physician or specialist, to reduce or often eliminate dosages of many medications used to treat metabolic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and others.

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76 Eastern Blvd. Suite 103 Glastonbury, CT 06033

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