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Choosing the Right Supplements…Etc.

by | Nov 5, 2022

Happy Sunday To All!
First, let’s talk about some business issues which you’ll never see a physician talk about to his or her patients; you simply cannot imagine how many companies come to me weekly touting the advantages of their equipment, supplements, or other goods and services to provide to patients, purportedly for the good of the patient. Some I laugh at and hit the Delete key immediately; others, I’ll take a superficial look at, and if they show any potential benefit to patients, I’ll store them in a file to be investigated more deeply. Still others are delivered to me with the science and clinical studies to back up their claims…these I will review carefully, as well as other research not provided to me by these companies (this is called a metanalysis, which is a full accounting of all research performed on a particular subject). Very few are the products or services which meet the high bar I set to actually recommend to my patients – if you see products or services on our website, or recommended in my many posts, you can feel confident that they have passed muster and shown sufficient benefit to be awarded my recommendation and use. This is why you won’t see every product under the sun on our web store, but only those which have proven effectiveness over time. I could certainly act differently, but before very long, my increased income would be inversely proportional to my soiled reputation…and I will not sacrifice the latter for the former.
Please allow me to clarify – if you see a particular product available on our store, or in a recommendation I may post proactively or in response to a patient question, it is one which results in a precise and proven action when used as directed. I won’t simply tell you to take a product because it will reduce inflammation, improve cardiac health, help with sugar handling. Instead, I will comb the research myself and ensure beyond any doubt that sufficient studies have been performed by unbiased researchers, which quantify results with outcome numbers and other objective findings…not just “60% of users reported less joint pain”. The outcomes I want to see are “ATP formation by cellular mitochondria is increased by X% via the use of XX mg of this product in a placebo-controlled double-blind study performed by ABC University (not funded by the Dairy Council or Coca-Cola!), in a population of 2,000 study participants over a 6-month period”see the difference? I’d sure feel better using a supplement backed by this kind of research.
As another example, I recommend Nitric Oxide boosters (like the NO2U we provide) because numerous university studies have shown that these products indeed elevate serum nitric oxide…and nitric oxide is shown to definitely improve endothelial lining of blood vessels and reduce plaque formation. I recommend NMN (as in our Liposomal NMN Synergy), because it has been shown in many studies to increase the level of NAD+ thereby improving mitochondrial function, as evidenced by measured end-products of this metabolic pathway. I recommend berberine (as in our Berberine Synergy product) because berberine has been shown in multiple studies, when put head-to-head against the medication metformin, to have equal effects in lowering insulin resistance. This is the type of data I search out.
All I’m really saying here is…do your due diligence, follow sources you can trust, and choose as few undoubtedly effective products without wasting dollars on those with dubious or no research to back up their claims.
Next, you’ve all noticed that the new Metabolic Enhancement Supplements cost less than 25% of the price of the previous drops…yet, I sincerely believe I formulated these to work even better, but…I do believe it is critical and strongly recommend you continue to use these supplements after the initial 43 days and yes, even after reaching goal weight if you so choose; in fact, I take them daily still. Each component of these powerful little packs serve to positively impact different facets of metabolic function, and they are a great adjunct to the dietary and exercise guidelines we provide. I stress these not as a revenue stream for me, but as a valuable tool to achieve and maintain success for YOU!
Finally, especially for those of you who saw Thursday’s post about the 3-legged dog who found a way to get along just fine on 2 legs…my message to you today is simply – YOU CAN! In my dictionary “can’t” means “won’t”…and if you are not successful in achieving any goal, it’s usually because you are not putting your God-given talents to full use, or you give up too easily. Take pride in what you are capable of – you may truly amaze yourself if you remove the boundaries life experience has put in your way and give 100%. Whether you follow Napoleon Hill or not, his best mantra is “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”! Cast your self-imposed limitations aside…
Now, after all this detail…please enjoy the balance of your unseasonably mild Sunday; take advantage of this amazing weather, go out and do something active with those who enjoy similar pursuits…I know I will!


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