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by | Nov 19, 2022

Happy Sunday To All!
OK, so first, after reading through all the stories submitted this past week, I am excited to award first prize, the custom floral arrangement to Corrie WallaceSecond prize, the towel arrangement shall be awarded to Jean Bartalotta. Please both of you arrange to pick up your prizes at our Glastonbury office prior to Thanksgiving Day! I want to thank all who responded for your stories, each one of which touched my heart.
Next, as we work diligently toward transitioning to the new practice model, we have included a number of new services never before offered, and others offered at a substantial discount. Just to give you an initial idea, there will be 2 separate and distinct offerings…one for patients who are brand new to the program, (never been a CFL patient before), and a second offering for anyone who has been a past or current patient at any point in time – even if you went through the CFL program years ago, you will be offered the ability to rejoin at the past or current patient price below…and please remember – this transition will in part serve to reduce my patient load (in sheer numbers), so if you are genuinely interested in adopting the model and obtaining the enhanced level of attention and value, please communicate with us early!
For Brand New Patients:
As a member of Compass Total Wellness, you will enjoy a package of benefits that includes unprecedented clinical access and superb care on your schedule. Because every member’s needs are unique, the services they require will vary. However, the level of service does not. All members receive the highest level of trusted, attentive care for their health:
  • Highly responsive, personalized care with 24/7 phone, secure text and email, and secure HIPPA compliant video conference access, and prompt return of messages
  • Same Day/Next Day appointments in most cases
  • Care provided one-on-one virtually, or in-office should alternate providers be needed
  • Unhurried extended visits with minimal or no wait times so you can thoroughly discuss your concerns
  • Personalized healthcare and wellness program
  • Yearly executive-level physical exams*
  • Nutrition, weight management, and body composition analysis Daily
  • Comprehensive Weight Management & Health Optimization programs
  • 24/7/365 access to clinician communications portals
  • Coordination of care with needed specialists
  • Assistance with medical needs while traveling, including telehealth visits
  • Required laboratory services without upcharges*
  • Expedited test results
  • Prescriptions when appropriate
  • State-of-the-art technology with full Remote Patient Monitoring capabilities
  • Full educational lecture series
And…a 10% discount on the following services:
  • UltraSlim procedure for non-invasive cosmetic fat removal and skin tightening
  • VitalScan diagnostic process for uncovering cardiovascular disease risk, neuropathy*
  • Comprehensive treatment for neuropathy*
  • Comprehensive treatment for arthritic joint pain*
  • Supervised hormone replacement therapy (male Testosterone Replacement Therapy and female Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy)
Please request individual pricing for the above services if interested. Savings on these services alone can cover the cost of your annual membership!
*May be covered in part by insurance if applicable; we DO NOT bill Medicare or Medicaid for services provided which are included within member services
Membership does not include:
  • Surgical or other invasive therapeutic or diagnostic procedures
  • Specialist procedures (referred out to network)
  • OB/GYN Care
  • Emergency Care
  • Additional recommended nutritional supplementation or consumable health products & services
New Patients (those never previously under our care – those reading this post needn’t be concerned with this price, assuming you are a past or current patient) Initial Annual Fee $3,999 to cover all initial supplies, inclusive of:
  • Biometric Scale – patient owns
  • Continuous Glucose Monitor – 28 Days
  • DNA Analysis & Report Review
  • Initial Laboratory Test Panel
  • CFL App Access for One Year
  • Himalayan Pink Salt – Initial Supply
  • MCT Oil – Initial Supply
  • CFL Water Bottle
  • Recipe Book
  • 43-Day Manual/Journal
  • Access to FaceBook Private Patient Support Group
  • Scheduled Monthly Virtual Consultations with Physician
  • Up to 4 Additional Virtual Physician or Coach Consultations As Needed Per Month
  • Daily Monitoring & Communications
Annual Renewal Fee After Year One $1,199 to include all continued access, monitoring, and communications at same frequency as Year One. Any replacement or consumable items or services may be purchased a la carte at current displayed pricing.
For Past or Current Patients:
Existing patients of CFL shall not be required to pay Year One Initial Fee, and shall only pay initial annual $1,199 fee, which may be divided into 12 monthly payments of $99.99. These costs will begin after the date any current in-force plans (Induction Phase, Restarts, Extended Support Plans) expire. These patients shall receive all the products, services, and advantages as new patients, but will enjoy a significantly reduced fee as they have previously paid for many of the initial supplies and services. HSA (Health Savings Accounts) will normally cover these charges if sufficient funds are present in your account.
  • Any necessary or requested future “Restarts” will be conducted only for the price of the Metabolic Enhancement Supplements and Journal, a total of $99, rather than the previous cost of $399.
  • Extended Support shall now be included in your annual membership package, and will no longer appear as a separate charge.
No doubt there will be additional questions, and additional information to impart; for those current or former patients interested in renewing to the upgraded membership as above, simply click…/annual-compass… to purchase your annual membership.
Should you prefer to make your purchase over 12 equal monthly payments, simply click…/annual-compass….
Your new membership charge shall transact immediately upon purchase, and services shall begin on the date after completion of any current Restart or Extended Support Plan. Any brand-new patients being referred in should contact our offices directly to complete the initial start-up process. Fear not – once your purchase is made, you will be contacted to get you comfortably boarded and answer any remaining questions!
With all the changes occurring, I promise you I will renew my clinical education posts next time, after the dust settles!
Considering the detail of this post, I might suggest you email me with any specific questions at
Please enjoy the balance of your Sunday and for those of you adopting the new model, I promise you my full attention, frequent communication, and the very best of my knowledge!

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  1. janet Turon

    Am I able to keep things like they are? Still purchase supplements and utilize the app?

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