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FAQ’s at Compass Fat Loss Center in Glastonbury, CT.

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Why 43 days/what happens after the 43 days?

Exhaustive research has indicated that the fat-burning process, or sustainable ketosis can be effectively maintained after roughly 43 days of adherence to the program. Much less than this aborts the process prematurely, much longer is simply unnecessary overkill. After this time, your body takes over the process without continued outside supplementation. Somewhere around day 43 (each patient may be slightly different in timing), if you have not yet reached your goal weight, you will continue the process as directed by the doctor or coach. This includes continuation of daily submission of data, following the meal plan, and only incorporating any changes suggested by our staff. You will begin your exercise and nutritional supplementation program during this phase, which will be provided specifically for you based upon the results of your DNA profile. You will discontinue taking the liquid supplement drops unless otherwise directed.

Why do I need to give you my credit card information to get an appointment?

We never charge your credit card at any time, unless you do not show for your scheduled appointment, or do not cancel your scheduled appointment at least 24 hours prior to your appointment date and time. Only if this occurs will you be charged the $50 No-Show fee ($25 for return appointments). This policy is in place only to avoid tying up an appointment slot that other patients may need, thereby wasting resources by patients who may not be sufficiently motivated or serious about the process. Should you join the program at a later date, the No-Show Fee will be fully credited

Will insurance cover the program?

CFL now accepts insurance assignment for services rendered, and is in-network with many major insurance carriers including Medicare; as many providers and plans exist, CFL can never guarantee a particular level of reimbursement for services, but carriers often do provide these funds upon submission and processing. Any documentation will be provided to any insurance carrier upon request, in the format which has historically shown to provide the highest level of reimbursement from many carriers. We suggest you do not base your decision to enroll in the program solely on whether you will be reimbursed – you are here to achieve your health and weight-loss goals together with us, and any reimbursement should be perceived as an added advantage. HSA (Health Savings Accounts) and FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts) funds cover the program fee virtually 100% of the time. The program is also extremely affordable for those without insurance or high-deductible plans.

What does the program fee cover?

The fee covers virtually everything offered in the program . This includes all your visits, daily tracking, physician and health coach monitoring. We monitor you for the initial 43 day period, and all the way to your goal; for any extended services not covered by insurance, monthly fees are nominal. There are no other required additional expenses; when nutritional supplements or other products are suggested to you to maximize and sustain your progress, you have the option of purchasing from CFL, but are in no way required to.

Does the program come with pre-made food?

The CFL program, by design, does not use any pre-packaged, processed foods, bars, meal replacements, etc., as an integral part of the process is educating patients in choosing real, wholesome, nutritious foods which can be purchased at any grocery store, and in preparing their foods in the proper manner to sustain their weight loss long term. This plan can also easily be followed when dining out, by requesting your server to have your foods prepared in the proper manner, which nearly all restaurants will accommodate. We may at specific times suggest some nutritional or exercise products, in order to achieve specific results, based upon a case-by-case assessment. For patients who may find it difficult to prepare foods daily, have a busy schedule, or just need the convenience here and there, CFL has aligned with a local provider of gourmet fully prepared and compliant meals delivered to your door for a very reasonable cost.

Are protein shakes/bars a required part of the program?

They are not required; we sometimes suggest shakes or other proprietary items as a convenient way for patient to sustain nutritional needs in a convenient manner, supplement a more vigorous exercise routine, or occasionally navigate through a stubborn weight-loss plateau.

Why do I have to use THIS pink salt?

The pink salt provided by CFL has the optimal mix of trace minerals, electrolytes, and natural clays to best enhance the rehydration process, while not providing excessive sodium. We cannot guarantee similar results with other products we have not researched.

What if I don’t use much salt in my diet or do not like the taste of it?

Use the pink salt as directed to flavor your foods if you so desire; if you do not like adding salt to your foods, simply take the allotted portion and mix with a bit of water and drink it down…the benefits only occur if the salt gets in you! Please alert us if your physician has you on a low-salt diet or has other issues with the supplemental salt.

My Weight Management drops are running out – why don’t I need more if they haven’t lasted for 40 days?

The supplement bottles are filled to provide the full allotment of drops when used in accordance with instructions. If you run out earlier, your potential need for any further supplements shall be assessed based upon your progress and your goal weight, on an individualized basis. Additional supplements may incur an extra charge if exhausted early due to improper dosing.

What is involved in the DNA testing, and how does it apply to the program? What info will it provide?

The sample collection for the DNA test involves a simple and painless cheek swab, which goes to our lab and is analyzed to provide full results with 3-4 weeks. These results will be discussed in detail with you at your subsequent follow-up visit. While many data points are measured using the DNA test, for our purposes we focus exclusively on those which relate to helping you build the proper exercise and nutritional supplementation programs coincident with your genetic profile. This allows specific and customized programs to be constructed for each and every patient. Should any other data be reported which the doctor feels are integral to your progress, these will be discussed specifically with you. We do not test DNA for any ethnic information, nor any predisposition to any diseases; all data is covered by HIPAA confidentiality guidelines and is never shared with any third party, other than the patient, our office, and the lab, without your written consent.

Can vegetarians/vegans do this program and be successful?

Ovo-lacto vegetarians, or those who eat seafood and/or poultry will succeed on the program. For true vegans who eat no animal products, we will custom-tailor a program for them to insure sufficient complete protein sources to make the fat-burning process effective. We fully respect a patient’s choice of a vegan lifestyle for health or ethical reasons, and will work with them every step of the way.

When will I see Dr. Kusher next?

Dr. Kusher generally interacts with patients beginning the program, assesses their health history and status, and insures there are no underlying contraindications or reasons a patient should not embark on the program. He then monitors patients’ weight and progress daily, usually via the proprietary technology system, but is always also available to discuss patient’s concerns or questions via text, email, phone, or scheduled videoconferencing. He personally views every communication and acts according to patient progress or current needs. Health coaches will interact with the patient during scheduled follow-up visits, and will guide them to maximize and sustain progress, but any clinical or medication questions or issues the patient may have will be addressed directly by the doctor.

What kind of physician is Dr. Kusher? Is he an M.D.?

Dr. Kusher is a licensed chiropractic physician in practice since 1983; he is postgraduate certified in Functional Medicine, Acupuncture, and Applied Kinesiology. Much of his practice time has been spent in Functional Medicine, which is the treatment of chronic disease states through the use of natural means (diet, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes). He has been practicing weight loss medicine exclusively since 2015. Dr. Kusher is not an M.D, does not use, suggest, or prescribe nor alter medications, and co-manages appropriate patients with their primary care physicians and/or specialists.

Why can’t I exercise right now?

Vigorous exercise is not recommended during the first 6-week phase, as once a patient takes their intensity level past a point where they are physically taxed, the body perceives this as entering “starvation” mode and will actually shut back on the fat-burning process. Walking, stretching, light yoga, or other low-intensity is acceptable at this stage, but not required. Once the results of the DNA test are reviewed with the patient, a custom exercise program will be constructed for them, and at that point there are no restrictions, other than those deemed medically necessary. If you currently exercise vigorously, please discuss this further with our team.

What do I do between the 43 days up until I have my DNA Report Review appointment?

Continue the program exactly as you have been, unless otherwise instructed by the doctor or health coach. Discontinue supplement drops as directed in your manual/journal.

What if I reach my goal BEFORE that appointment date comes up?

Should you reach or exceed your goal prior to your next scheduled appointment, let us know and we will discuss moving your appointment earlier to address this at the proper time.

What is Bragg’s Amino Acids listed on the Recipes? Where do I get it?

It is a lower-sodium, higher protein substitute for soy sauce, which can be found in markets such as Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and even some mainstream grocery stores now.

What do I do about extreme hunger?

Always use your free foods liberally throughout the day. If you are hungry between meals, use your allotted fruits between meals rather than at mealtime, but not after 8PM or before lunch (diabetics consult your clinician). You may also purchase and use Optimized Health & Weight Management Shake, a new proprietary product formulated and produced by CFL, designed to allay hunger without impeding the fat-burning process. Ask the staff in regards to obtaining this product, or obtain further information at in the Online Store.

When was Compass Fat Loss founded? How long have you been in business?

The practice was originally founded in early 2014, grew to 10 separate clinic locations, and in 2018 transitioned to a 100% virtual online model; since that time CFL has added and revised processes and technologies to maximize patient progress and satisfaction.

What is the success rate of your patients and have patients been able to be maintain their success after they leave the program?

CFL takes pride in our long-term success rate with patients, which currently approaches 100%. With all due humility, the program works virtually every time if patients adhere to the protocols. Patients are monitored long term to insure lasting success, and are discharged after reaching goal with the knowledge they may keep communication channels open and return for guidance any time they feel they are slipping or need course correction.

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