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Final Details on New Model…Etc.

by | Dec 25, 2022

Happy Sunday & Merry Christmas To All!
OK, it’s official – I had to end the self-inflicted confusion, and while taking a big gamble for myself, carve the pricing structure in stone. With the transition from Compass Fat Loss to Compass Total Wellness, there have been some revisions to the program designed to include some productive changes while deleting some services which have proven to be non-essential. The CFL Induction Plan is now known as the Compass Total Wellness Metabolic Transformation Plan…still 43 days, with some updated daily videos and the Journal and Food Log included in the app rather than in print. (This gives me and the clinical team access to all your daily activities in real time, and I suggest strongly that patients utilize them just as they did their printed journals.) The big news is that, for all patients, both new and restarting, the total cost of the program is now $497! That is a full 75% discount off our former fees (with restarts being a bit higher than before). This will take patients through the first 43 days with all the trimmings…scale, app, communications, monitoring, supplements, etc. After the initial 43-day phase, patients will have the option to remain on the full program with Extended Support for $99 per month (plus the cost of any additional supplements or diagnostic testing), but although strongly recommended for the reasons you all know, is not a requirement or obligation. If you are currently in the midst of any Extended Support Plan, you will remain on them through their duration, and have the option to transition to this new model when your plan expires. To be crystal clear…the previous 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month Extended Support Plans will no longer be available after midnight December 31st, so if any of you are not currently on Extended Support and want to get your last licks in prior to this date, you must do so this week! On January 1, 2023, the new model kicks in full force. Those of you who have paid $1,199 for the full year’s Extended Support will have that applied toward your monthly fees, thus will lose nothing. The Lumen device will no longer be used…not that I feel any differently about its value, but its cost is not deemed worth the reward, as even more valuable data comes from the Continuous Glucose Monitor, which new patients will have the option to include after their initial 43 days. Feel free, however, to continue to use the Lumen should you have one, and I’ll always be happy to analyze readings with you.
The reason I am able to take this gamble is due to the tremendous and consistent growth the practice has seen over the years, thanks to the results, loyalty, and confidence of our patient base…my goal is to pass the benefits on to all possible who do need the transformation, and leave that behind as my legacy….at some point.
The page below is that which is distributed to all interested parties, and takes them right to the plan itself to see more and enroll if so desired.
All that said, I’m even going to parlay my bet…as previously mentioned…and pay $100 to any patient who refers another who enrolls within our new model! This can be a nice occasional gift, or…I can even supply marketing materials and guidance to those who wish to get serious about income. This is just a way to give back for your confidence and spreading the word…NOT a network marketing or MLM opportunity.
The weekly post would not be complete without a clinical nugget – there is some press out regarding dark chocolate products containing unsafe levels of heavy metals, notably cadmium and lead, and Lily’s products were included in these samples (among others). Please don’t freak…although no one wants to ingest these toxins, these levels go by California standards, which are the strictest, and while the confectioners are trying to change it (largely due to a class-action lawsuit), the heavy metals come from soil and air, and little can be done about it in the short-term. I do believe that in the daily maximum of 6 small squares you are safe (and few use this as their healthy fat choice daily), but that is a personal choice. You may read the full article here:
Please enjoy the balance of your Christmas Sunday, celebrate with family and loved ones, and remember, it’s a one-day holiday from a dietary perspective, so when midnight strikes…back to your healthy lifestyle if you did stray!


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