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Final Thoughts On The Program Transition

by | Dec 31, 2022

Happy Sunday & Happy 2023 To All!
Resolutions are for suckers! – Let’s all make a full-on commitment to make 2023 the best and healthiest year ever, no turning back, failure is simply NOT an option! First, a couple of points which will come as good news to all:
1. We were previously offering a store credit for $70 for any new patients referred in who joined the program; those credits already earned will remain in effect, but as we transition to the new program and pricing model, referrals will now earn the referring party $100 in cash instead!
2. We have worked out an arrangement with Skinny Pasta to offer our patients a 5% discount on all orders; you can order their products, including pasta, rice, and soup products on their website and when checking out, simply enter the discount code compassfatloss and your discount should be calculated in.
3. Perhaps of most value of all, I have been wrestling with this, and ultimately came up with the following…as the new model takes effect today, and ongoing Extended Support is available for $99 per month, I have decided to wipe out any charges for formal Restarts, even for current patients! Restarts which previously cost $399 and more, will now only require that you renew Extended Support for $99 monthly (if you have let that lapse), and purchase the supplements needed for your 43-Day Restart ($89.95). After your restart, you’ll still be able to cancel Extended Support at any time without penalty (although that’s what probably got you needing a Restart in the first place!).
Next, as the program transitions, and we do take on more patients from regions all over the nation, I am about to get a bit more aggressive with social media posts and engagements with those on the program, as well as those who may simply follow us. As you know, I’ve rarely been at a loss for new information to impart to patients, but what ‘d like to see are suggestions from you, my patients regarding what topics you might like to see more discussion…anything from clinical topics, program topics, difficulties you may be encountering with progress, food, exercise, or supplementation questions…virtually nothing is out of bounds (well, perhaps I should say you know the boundaries!) All this will be dedicated to increase engagement within and without the group on those things which matter most to folks attempting to lose weight and get and stay healthy. Please feel free to respond to this post with those suggestions, or at any future time using this platform. We will also be expanding our reach further using platforms like Instagram, and later perhaps Twitter and definitely YouTube, so you’ll all be kept in the loop when new material comes out.
So, we begin this new year going through all the changes which accompany a transition of this scope, but beginning next week when all this is solidly in place, I promise to focus more on clinical topics (if indeed that is what the masses want).
Until next week then, Happy New Year to all, and let’s work together to make 2023 the happiest, healthiest year yet!


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