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Medically Supervised Weight Loss near Mansfield, CT

If you are looking for a medical weight loss program that offers medical supervision then look no further than Compass Fat Loss in Glastonbury, CT! Our Experienced Staff will put together a program based on your body’s needs to help you achieve your weight loss goals! Call Us Today to Get Started!

When it comes to your health and well-being, maintaining a healthy weight is often the best way to improve your life.  Losing weight has been shown to greatly reduce your risk for developing serious health conditions and maintaining a slimmer figure can also help you feel more confident and happier in your daily life.  At Compass Fat Loss, we are proud to offer supervised weight loss programs that are tailored to suit each patient’s unique needs.  No matter what your current fitness level is, or what your weight loss goals entail, our expert doctors and experienced medical staff can help you achieve your goals in a healthy and sustainable way.

Do I Really Need Medical Supervision to Lose Weight?

While many people can lose weight in the short term on their own, studies have shown time and again that most people who lose a significant amount of weight will not keep those pounds off in the long run. There are many different factors that can contribute to regaining weight, but one of the best ways to lose weight and keep it off is to make sure you have the support you need to be successful. Studies have proven that most people lose weight more easily and keep it off longer when they have support from others. This helps to hold you accountable, so you stick with your plan. At Compass Fat Loss, our doctors can provide you with scientific proof that our approach to weight loss works, so you know you are receiving the best information and tools possible. This improves your chances for sustainable weight loss that can have a real impact on your body and your life.

What Do Your Programs Offer?

At Compass Fat Loss, we believe in helping you make lifestyle changes that are maintainable. We understand that your life is busy and taking care of yourself is often not the priority it should be. Our personalized weight loss programs focus on providing you with the tools you need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen that is sustainable. While crash diets or intensive training may seem like the easiest way to lose weight fast, we believe it is more important for our patients to be able to lose weight safely and keep it off. There will always be a new diet supplement or fad that touts incredible results with zero effort, but the reality is that your health is worth taking the time to build new habits, so you can reap the benefits of steady weight loss, a balanced diet, and improved kinetic function.

What Do My Hormones Have to Do with My Weight?

Our hormones are an important part of our body’s internal function. A wide array of hormones created inside our bodies can determine how well our organs work together, how calories are used, and how much sleep we achieve each night. Hormonal testing can help us determine whether imbalances are making it more difficult for you to lose weight. Insulin, ghrelin, leptin, and cortisol are just some of the important hormones that control how hungry you feel, how you burn calories, and how long it takes you to feel satisfied after a meal. At Compass Fat Loss, your doctor will provide you with personalized information about your body’s internal health that can help you make smart decisions about what you eat and how you exercise. By working with your body’s natural ideal and supporting a healthy hormonal balance, we can help you increase the efficacy of your weight loss plan and management.

If you have struggled to lose weight and are ready for a science-based medical weight loss plan that will truly work, contact Compass Fat Loss today to schedule a personal consultation.

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