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Metabolic Enhancement Packs!

by | Sep 4, 2022

Happy Sunday & Happy Labor Day Weekend To All!

Finally…we are ready for the full transition to the new Metabolic Enhancement Packs! As of next week, all new patients will now receive these as a part of their Initial Kit, and all existing patients are welcome to use them on an ongoing basis to maintain metabolic function in optimal range. This new formulation is a distinct upgrade to the earlier supplement bottles; they will supply a similar metabolic function boost (still without medications or hormones), but in addition will offer the following advantages:

1. Improved metabolism of uric acid, which will assist those at risk for, or dealing with gout or uric acid kidney stones, but far more importantly can dramatically improve mitochondrial function, energy production, and fat metabolism.

2. Enhanced clearing and excretion of uric acid via additional Vitamin C.

3. Quality probiotics to improve gut health.

4. Improved cell membrane integrity, enhanced immune function, cardiovascular and brain health and performance via Omega 3/6 Fatty Acids.

5. Improvement of hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and protection against oxidative stress via Chlorella Vulgaris.

6. They need to be taken only once daily with a meal, thereby much easier to manage, being in convenient daily-dose packaging.

Although no patient is required to continue supplement use after the Induction Phase of the CFL Program, there is immense continued benefit from doing so, as optimal metabolic function is maintained via following the lifestyle recommendations of the program, along with supplementation. They are also far less expensive than the previous supplement drops.

The other significant change is that the Metabolic Lab Testing will be performed on each new patient, giving us an objective picture of starting point and progress toward optimal metabolic function. We will still provide the usual DNA Analysis and devices (Lumen & CGM) to new patients. Please be aware, for those you may speak to about the program, that the cost of the upgraded program will now be $1,999, Extended Support Program cost unchanged.

OK…although that may have been enlightening, I can’t let you get away without a formal lesson. Topic today will take us much deeper into assessment of cardiovascular health and action plans to optimize it. When we look to assess CV function here, we dig pretty deep – this may not be necessary for all, but is great information for those with a personal or family history of cardiovascular disease, or simply wanting the utmost in risk mitigation. While most practitioners routinely run a cardio profile in lab testing, many specific tests are ignored, which when included, will offer a much clearer picture of potential risk. These tests can include:

· Omega-3 Fatty Acid Level & Omega 6 Fatty Acid Level & Ratio

· TMAO (Trimethylamine N Oxide)

· Troponin T, High Sensitivity

· Vitamin D2 & D3

· LDL Fractionation, Including sdLDL, OxLDL, Small, Medium, Particle Number, Pattern, and Peak Size

· Arachidonic Acid

· Apolipoprotein A1

· Homocysteine

· Linoleic Acid

· Lipoprotein (a)

· LP PLA2 Activity

· Myeloperoxidase

· Apolipoprotein B

· EndoPAT Study


Pretty intense, I know…but no better battery of tests is out there to fully assess cardiovascular risk and prescribe the best options to optimize it. I won’t go into minute detail on the above, but suffice it to say this profile provides great insight into:

  • Vascular endothelial health
  • Platelet aggregation status
  • Plaque status
  • State of vascular inflammation
  • …and many more markers for cardiovascular risk.

This is obviously not an inexpensive study, and would be recommended primarily for those with insurance coverage which normally handles the cost. At CFL, we work with our Medical Director Jeffrey Thompsen, MD and the Center for the Healthy Heart to perform these assessments. Ask away if you’d like further details; you may visit their website at for more information, but best to schedule through us to get in without a long wait.

Please enjoy the balance of your holiday weekend; I know you won’t stray…but if you should, you now know the exact path headed towards your best health…take it!


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