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New Routine for Plateaus…and More On Semaglutide

by | Oct 14, 2022

Happy Sunday To All!
First…a substantial number of patients have expressed interest in beginning semaglutide therapy to enhance weight loss and reduce cravings and hunger. Many have already been shipped their supplies and are beginning therapy. If you are one who has asked to be included, but not yet ordered your supplies, please do so if this remains of interest to you, as this will be our final prompt for some time. All those responding with interest have been emailed with the link to do so, but here it is again:
PS…if you order this product, it will be shipped directly to you from our pharmacy, no pickups needed.
Also…I’ve dug even deeper within our data, specifically patient DNA Analyses to uncover which patients may have a genetic predisposition for reduced satiety; this means that if you show this tendency, you may likely experience hunger sooner after meals as well as stronger food cravings. Semaglutatide is shown to specifically address these symptoms. If you are among this group, you have likely received a related email from me.
Next, we have added a new routine to our arsenal designed to break plateaus in weight loss and help maintain goal weight effectively; this one may sound rather stringent to some, but those who have followed it have found it to be most effective and, with a bit of practice, relatively easy to navigate. This routine should only be followed under the guidance of Dr. Kusher, as it may be contraindicated for those on certain medications or with certain health issues….don’t run off and do this one on your own until you have had supervised runs!
It is the Water Fast Routine, and should be initially used for a period of 24 hours; we can later proceed to longer fasts, and this routine can be utilized frequently with guidance, once we are certain the patient tolerates it well. I’ve had patients lose over 10 pounds within 4 days and maintain it…once we get to that point.
For 24 hours, all the water, seltzer, etc. you are comfortable drinking; use your usual pink salt. Black coffee or tea, or if you prefer to lighten, 2 tablespoons of cream or half & half per day. You may also make homemade bone broth with beef, poultry, or fish bones and veggies (store-bought usually have non-compliant ingredients). You may have some stevia, monkfruit, or allulose in your coffee or tea if needed…always keep a fruit with you just in case! It’s that simple, but again, not without my guidance!
Next, please don’t be surprised or offended if you receive a call from our office seemingly out of the blue…I have staff going through our entire patient list (many thousands) simply to reach out and see if everyone is holding up well, maintaining, or needs any guidance. If we are already in regular contact, this may be superfluous to you…this is directed mainly to those who may have lost touch for some time and just need a consult to stay on the right path. Please don’t misconstrue this as a sales call – it is not – it’s just a tool to help keep everyone on the straight and narrow!
Finally, to follow up on my previous post regarding the custom supplement packs for specific needs we are planning to planning to provide…currently available are the Metabolic Enhancement Packs and the Sleep Hygiene Packs…we will be adding more specific protocols for Gut Health, Immune Support, Brain Function, and others. Stay on the lookout for upcoming notices on this!
Please enjoy the balance of your Sunday…do what you can to minimize stress, associate with people and circumstances which bring you joy, and limit contact with those which cause you conflict and negativity. I want you happy and healthy, dammit!


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    Dr.K can I try the new 24hr fasting?


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