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Proposed Change in Program Structure

by | Nov 13, 2022

Happy Sunday To All!
Before I begin, we have about 1,500 members in this private group alone; at the end of this post, I’m going to ask one question, and I expect (hope for) 1,500 answers!
Well…things at CFL are about to change dramatically – as usual, I’ll tell you how, and I’ll tell you why. I’ve done a lot of reflection over the summer and fall, and came up with a bunch of potential changes which will create a far more seamless and effective process for all patients, both existing and new. The focus of all these revelations is that, as well as the process currently works, there are many facets of the program I have been handing patients on a platter…rather than fully teaching them the mechanics and logic of, so patients can better manage their own progress and carry it through for a lifetime. As I’ve stated in an earlier post, my ultimate goal is to create a roadmap for patients so they will at some point no longer need me (except maybe to navigate through rougher waters). So, here’s a good illustration of how and why the revamped process is expected to work so well – but first, allow me to coin an old cliché which certainly applies here…”Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day – teach him to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. It’s come time for me to quit handing you fish and start giving you the rod, reel, and net and making you experts at fishing. (From a vegan like me, you do understand this is a metaphor?)
At the foundation of all this lies a situation which is found in virtually all patients starting this journey with me; nearly every one shows up at our door (or screen) with any number of these problems:
1. They are taking medications they’d love to get off of.
2. They are in discomfort during activities of daily living.
3. They are in downright pain, usually from obesity and the factors which cause it.
4. They are to some degree embarrassed by their appearance or by something they cannot do, which others can.
5. They hold on to excessive body fat.
6. They have little energy.
7. Their relationships may be suffering.
8. They are just plain depressed.
By the time they come to the end point of our journey, these same patients will have achieved the following:
1. Optimized health as evidenced by objective findings.
2. Renewed confidence.
3. A new level of comfort in performing daily activities.
4. New found mobility, often allowing them to participate in activities previously unthinkable.
5. Better relationships and even intimacy with partners.
6. Better appearance, and embarrassment gone.
7. Increased muscle mass or body tone.
8. Renewed energy and vigor.
Now, exactly what is it that obstructs us from navigating from BEFORE to AFTER?
You could probably think of 100 reasons (let’s be frank, many of which are excuses)…but there are actually 3 and only 3 things which keep us stuck and unable to progress towards permanent life changes:
1. Lack of Commitment– you either don’t want the transformation bad enough, or have tried all the wrong things and quit frustrated!
2. Lack of a Clear Road Map – you’ve gone to the wrong sources, listened to the wrong advice, or didn’t have the proper structure to follow!
3. Lack of Adequate Support – no one who really knows what they’re doing has had your back and remained there!
You need to trust me here…providing #’s 2 and 3 will make #1 magically appear! So, now that I’ve exposed you to more of my madness…what are the changes which will occur to enhance our journey toward permanent sustainability, and maintaining the “AFTER” picture for a lifetime?
1. The CFL “Program” model will substantially change, resulting in far more personal interaction between myself and my patients…I will be “coaching” each patient quite personally, and be pretty much at your disposal within reason (not that I wasn’t before). During all these interactions, you will have access to my wealth of clinical knowledge spanning nearly 40 years in practice, meaning that we will focus not only on weight loss, but all things which we must know to positively impact your health long-term. We’ll still have full use of all the devices which supply much of our data, and shall continue to track and monitor them via the existing app. My ultimate goal is to provide you with a source of actionable knowledge as well as a gateway to other knowledge and practices to offer you the very best in optimal health. I also plan on having a selected stable of other practitioners I trust, who can handle any health issues which may arise out of my scope (prescribing, etc. when required). There will be no more restart fees for those who may occasionally need them (other than the actual cost of needed supplements), and no surcharges for necessary lab studies above my actual cost to perform them…all this will now be built into the subscription model. Many of these advantages will be newly integrated into the technology we will use on a regular basis, but much of it will also arise from plain old one-on-one communication…remember that old doctor/patient relationship stuff? You will have a dedicated team serving your health!
2. I’ll be acting almost as a “concierge physician” for those of you who do participate, and the model will be subscription-based with a one-time fee up front, and a recurring annual fee for ongoing care, which may be discontinued at any time without penalty, and I’m sure payment plans will be available. Additional charges will only be in the form of any supplements, laboratory studies, or other products or services deemed necessary to optimize your care, and of course, referrals to any other healthcare providers who may bill separately or through your insurance. Ours is a patient-pay model (no insurance), however available HSA (Health Savings Accounts through employers) may normally be used to cover expenses.
3. Consider this more of a long-term expert training course rather than standard health care, with the goal being to not only manage illness, but rather to provide you with all the tools and knowledge to best care for yourself and take full charge of your health. Your best health and longevity shall be my legacy!
I believe the above provides a good illustration of how these comprehensive services will benefit patients – and change the delivery system…but how does this benefit me? Well, quite honestly, at this point in my career, one of my goals is to expand my horizons beyond the primary focus of weight loss and obesity-related diseases, and come back a bit to my roots in functional medicine to offer more comprehensive care to the full patient. In order to accomplish this, I realize I must to a degree thin out my patient load (and I will limit this load to a finite number of patients to have it make sense for me), and offer those who choose to remain only the best in attention and care, and to ultimately teach them…once again…to rarely need me. This transition is designed to make me more of a teacher than a practitioner, although I will undoubtedly wear both hats. As I’ll be caring for less patients, my income will decrease, but that is a very acceptable trade-off for me in order to deliver the level of care my mission dictates. Is it retirement?…certainly not, but it is a format which will remove me a bit from the grind of a “business” and allow me to spend more time fully communicating with those I’ll care for and who trust me to do so.
I’ll follow up with the pricing model, etc. shortly, so those of you who have interest in staying in the fold can make informed decisions when the time comes. It won’t come “cheap”, but should be affordable and worth every single penny and more for the many rewards you reap.
Cost description shall cover all services which will be included, as well as those which may be additional only if needed, but not a requirement. NOTE: Existing CFL patients will enjoy a substantial discount on their initial fee due to the program payment they have previously made…and if you are in the middle of a new start, restart, or Extended Support Plan, I guarantee you will not lose any time – I shall leave no one behind nor hanging. Until further notice CFL shall be business as usual.
Please enjoy the balance of your Sunday, and ponder the above carefully so that whenever the time for transition arrives, you will be clear in your head regarding the right path to follow.
Now the one question…when we do transition to this new model, and assuming the cost is not prohibitive…would you participate, YES or NO? There is no wrong answer and nothing will be judged, I’m simply looking out for your best collective interest! You may simply respond here, or if you prefer to be anonymous, email me your name and response to


  1. Laura

    Ok-will be following your updates on this with interest

  2. Corie Wallace


  3. Gary Gentile

    Absolutely YES!!

  4. Jodi Pelliccio


  5. Pam

    Yes! Depending on cost of course. Your post was music to my ears. Will those of us on extended support still have the fee that we pay now in addition to the new one to work with you more closely?

    • Eric Kusher

      Certainly not…all fees are now being worked on, stay tuned. This is a heavy lift to change all this from our side, so we’ll have it in place asap.

  6. Amy


  7. Tina Helbig

    I’ve been on maintenance for a few years now so, no.
    However, I love reading your sunday blogs. i hope you will continue posting reminders on FB about the blogs. With life being so busy I don’t always remember until I see your reminders
    Thanks again for what you do

  8. Anonymous

    ill be following this for sure. If we dont join will the vitamin supplements etc still be available to us?

  9. janert

    ill be following this for sure. If we dont join will the vitamin supplements etc still be available to us?

  10. Gina manguilli


  11. Sarah

    Yes, or would at least want to have a better understanding. While I am in an overall good spot. I don’t want to lose momentum.


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