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Refresher on Video – And Upcoming New Course!

by | Dec 11, 2022

Happy Sunday To All!
Today’s post will be a bit different and will include a video dedicated to a new course we will be providing over the next 3-4 weeks for those folks who may have considered becoming patients of CFL, but for some reason did not follow through (usually financial). The course is in no way comparable to the full CFL Program, lacking DNA Testing, Lab Studies, devices, and the level of personal contact you receive, but will offer a great education and kick-off for those who want to get going losing weight and getting healthy. Some of the content may be second nature to existing patients, but I believe it will still provide a good refresher for points you may have forgotten or need reminding of. Toward the very end of the video, you will hear a cost for the upcoming course; this price is currently being finalized, and will likely fall about $100 higher than you hear, when the final video is completed. Do not feel like this is an offering of the program you are currently on for a far lower price…this is simply a good taste of what you have been provided, and those who complete the course will be given the option to continue on to the full program, but without any obligation to do so.
Now, here’s the potentially interesting news for patients and even newbies who complete this course…we will be offering a referral program so anyone who refers in a patient who purchases and takes the course will receive $100 in cash for the referral! Just a little something I like to give back for the confidence you show, but also a potential significant extra income for those referring in multiple course students. For those interested, I can clearly guide you in how to get the most from your referral efforts; I’ll update you all on this opportunity as the course reaches completion shortly.
Please enjoy the balance of your Sunday…and potentially the first snowfall of the season! Stay safe!


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