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Semaglutide & Weight-Loss

by | Sep 30, 2022

Happy Sunday To All!

First…even with all the posts, texts, and emails there seems to be a bit of confusion regarding Restarts; all Restarts will be utilizing the new Metabolic Enhancement Packets in place of the previous 3 bottles of drops. Restarts will receive a 43-Day supply, an updated Manual/Journal, and usual monitoring for the duration. After Day 43, the Extended Support Plan is strongly recommended to continue progress and maintain goals, and continuation of the supplements is also strongly urged for optimal metabolic function, but not a requirement.

Next, I am considering a significant addition to the program, which I have discussed before, but have been somewhat hesitant to implement, as I wanted more research and statistics under my belt before making this available. I have been struggling with this one, as you all know me as one who steers away from medications in preference of natural means to maintain weight and health. However, my continuous research has indicated that a certain class of medications, GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide) analogs have proven quite effective in weight loss and blood sugar & insulin stabilization, while displaying a very low level of side effects (we’ll discuss this further in a moment). GLP-1 is a an intestinal hormone which inhibits glucagon release, delays gastric emptying (resulting in reduced hunger and longer lasting satiety), and more effective controls blood glucose and insulin balance. Semaglutide is the medication I’ve discussed before, and the most popular one by far for weight loss; it is delivered via subcutaneous injection weekly, and can be self-administered easily once trained and supplied. It is not my recommendation that all patients consider this option, but may be a useful tool for those having difficulty losing or maintaining (a relatively small percentage of CFL patients).

The main drawbacks are availability and cost…we have relationships which allow us to access plenty of supply, and the product I am considering is specifically compounded to include Vitamin B-6, which has been shown effective in preventing a side effect of occasional nausea, which is seen in a very small number of users. Understanding this is critical – the average user loses up to 15% of their bodyweight using this protocol, but you MUST maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to maintain the progress long-term…don’t go thinking this is your magic bullet, you must still maintain a healthy lifestyle, as CFL has taught you. Usual cost of this treatment runs about $1,500 per month, certainly prohibitive for most; however due to our relationships and custom compounding, we are able to provide this for approximately 70% less! The main purpose of this post is not to enroll patients at this time, but simply, as I often use these posts for, to obtain your feedback on whether this is perceived as a valuable service to those patients in need…please provide any feedback by emailing me directly at…positive or negative!

One more thing…although I hope most of you have come to trust my knowledge and judgement in multiple areas of healthcare, I do not prescribe medications. This option would be made available via other physicians and practitioners who do prescribe and are experts in this field; CFL simply aligns with them to offer more effective therapies and protocols.

By next week’s post time, I will hope to have put together a nice discussion on Lyme Disease, including natural protocols to address acute and chronic stages. I think we all know someone who has been affected by this sometimes devastating condition, and hope you may find this information new and useful. A close friend’s recent infection has jogged me to dig back in my memory banks as well as catch up on the latest research.

Please enjoy the balance of your Sunday, and realize that the causative factors of many diseases and conditions we may suffer from have been with us humans for eons…it is simply the changes in our lifestyles and diet which have allowed them to manifest symptoms more recently – change the lifestyle choices, and the symptoms will go away…or never manifest at all!


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