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Thoughts To Live By

by | Dec 17, 2022

Happy Sunday To All!
Happy Holidays to all and I’d like to use this Sunday’s post to resurrect some former points which I still find very appropriate to the path we are all on, as well as most other endeavors in life. It is a brief video, putting on-screen some fundamental messages which have helped guide me through life, and I hope may do likewise for you. Many of you have seen this in print before; I’m hoping hearing the words come from me will either further motivate you to follow my advice…or completely turn you off – but hoping for the former! Please watch, it’s brief but powerful:
The digital course I mentioned last week has just been completed, and with some finishing touches, will be ready for distribution this week. Again, if you know someone who needs the process, but may be on a tighter budget, this is for them, and we will be paying $100 for each referral who enrolls!
Please enjoy the balance of this Sunday, and you’ll receive my next post on Christmas Sunday!


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