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Virtual Medical Weight Loss Specialist Near Hartford, CT

Losing weight can be a struggle for some people, but it doesn’t have to be! Now, from the comfort of your home, our experts can help you lose weight. Call us today or request an appointment online with our virtual medical weight loss specialist.

There are thousands of weight loss programs, yet we don’t hear a lot about successful ones. That is because most people have trouble changing their lifestyle, so after they lose weight, it comes right back. Compass Fat Loss has specially trained weight loss experts to help you adhere to the program, offer you support, and keep you on track, all from the comfort of your home!

What type of doctor helps with weight loss?

If your weight poses a threat to your health, weight loss can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Obesity is a risk factor for a variety of conditions including heart attack and joint problems. An expert specializing in weight loss can help you develop a plan to lose weight safely if you’ve tried losing weight on your own without success. Your family physician can make basic nutrition and exercise recommendations and offer you a referral to a specialist, which is usually a good place to start.

If you only need to lose a few pounds, your general practitioner should be your starting point for weight loss help. Ask your doctor for guidelines about appropriate exercises and if there are any foods you should eliminate from your diet or what healthy weight loss for your age and medical condition looks like. Your family physician can give you a referral to a specialist if you are obese or experiencing extreme difficulty losing weight.

What is telemedicine?

Telehealth is information via electronic and telecommunication technologies and the distribution of health-related information. It allows patients and physicians to have long-distance contact, remote admission, advice, care, reminders, intervention, education, and monitoring.

Telemedicine does not require a significant outlay other than a secure patient portal that connects the specialist to a secured electronic database online and a web camera. This ensures safety, connectivity, and the ability to store necessary medical records. In addition, the physician is required to have a medical license from the same state in which the prescription was prescribed.

Those who support the use of telemedicine often point to the lower waiting time for a consultation, the convenience, and the access it provides to high-quality medical diagnosis and treatment. As well, the availability of patient records online has the potential to make patient prescriptions more accurate and reliable.

By providing second opinions faster and more easily, it can also make the physician and patient experience better. Finally, it produces the primary goal of all health services, improved health outcomes.

How safe is medical weight loss?

More often than not, many of us have attempted new fad diets or exercise routines recommended to us by friends and family, just to spend hours at the gym only to have it fail. It is simply because there is a need for an alternative method to lose weight, not for a lack of trying.

The focus of many people’s weight loss attempts becomes diet and exercise. For a few, these results can be maintained long-term, and for some people this approach provides results. In many cases, greater success is usually seen after becoming involved with a medical weight loss team and long-term success with diet and exercise alone is rare.

It is personalized. One of the primary benefits of this type of program is that it is completely personalized for your own needs. The specialist will look at your current lifestyle, activity level, weight and overall health to decide how to best create a program for you. This means that your goals are specific to your needs and the changes you are asked to make directly influence your results.

It is supervised. You don’t have to worry if you are not eating correctly, not working out enough, or investing in unproven remedies. In a supervised program, every aspect is carefully planned and monitored. The environment is non-judgmental and accepting. Everyone slips and we are all human. The program is designed to get you to a healthy weight with support all the way.

It can provide long-term success. While anyone can lose weight with a crash diet or the newest fad, it doesn’t usually produce lasting success. Another great benefit of this type of program is that you learn lifestyle-changing skills to achieve long-term success. Medical weight loss does not just give you tools to lose weight, it gives you tools and skills to help you make a weight management lifestyle part of how you live.

If you or someone you know is struggling with losing weight, come to Compass Fat Loss today! We have specially trained weight loss experts to help you on your weight loss journey. Contact our office today to get in touch with a specialist. To book an appointment, call us or visit us online!

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