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Weight Loss Goal in Glastonbury, CT

Compass Fat Loss, can help you regain your health. We provide a wide variety of medical weight loss services to enable you to reach your goals. Call or book an appointment online. Conveniently located at 76 Eastern Blvd. Suite 103 Glastonbury, CT 06033, United States.


So you’ve taken the first step – you’re committed to weight loss and a new healthy lifestyle. We want you to fully understand what kind of changes you’ll experience moving forward. Your first task is to mentally prepare yourself for navigating towards a healthier lifestyle. Diet modifications are one part of the process but the right attitude is just as crucial. With the guidance of the doctors and lifestyle coaches at Compass Fat Loss, your next attempt doesn’t have to end in failure – we promise you will meet your goal. As you continue to navigate toward weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, you should consider the following tips.

You’re not alone – you have an entire team behind you

With a team behind you to support and encourage you, you’re guaranteed to succeed. Remember, there might be challenges, but you can easily overcome any obstacles with the right support. You can also rely on the help of your spouse, family and friends. Teaming up together for mutual support will usually help everyone. If you prefer to tackle weight loss more independently, there are plenty of online resources available as well.

Successfully maintaining your new weight requires lifestyle changes.

Successful weight loss isn’t over when you reach your weight loss goal! If you return to your former eating habits, you could regain that lost weight very quickly. Successful weight loss means reaching your goal and maintaining it. Preparing yourself mentally to accept this challenge is key to your success. We’re here to help you maintain your new weight and navigate the journey to a healthy lifestyle. Though this might involve significant lifestyle changes the goal becomes easier over time. As you get closer to your weight loss goals, minor changes in your diet and physical activity will become more realistic. Before long, making healthy choices will be second-nature.

Navigating toward a healthy lifestyle will require focus and energy.

Successful weight loss requires focus, dedication, and commitment. If you start this journey at a particularly emotional, stressful, or turbulent point in your life, it may be an uphill climb. Ideally, effective loss occurs during periods of calm at home and work. Being able to focus your attention on lifestyle changes will increase your chance of success. That said, be careful to avoid the mistake of procrastination. Realize that circumstances in your life will never be perfect, so the sooner you begin the process, the quicker you will navigate toward a healthy lifestyle!

A positive attitude makes all the difference.

Before you start your weight loss journey, it’s critical to create a positive mental image of yourself. Don’t just consider the end result but also your reasons for losing weight. We’ll address any anxiety about process before you start. Reaching the goals will of course require energy and resolve, so an optimistic attitude will give you a head-start. The journey may be difficult but it will also be gratifying.

The last question you should ask yourself – When can I start?

Now that you have good sense of what’s involved in navigating toward a healthy lifestyle, you should be able to gauge whether you’re ready. If the above topics won’t be issues for you, you might even be ready today. If any topics caused concern, you should first consult with your doctor, loved ones, or a mental health professional if you’re experiencing anxiety. Our first goal is mentally preparing you. Once you achieve this, you can begin navigating toward a healthy lifestyle. If you have any further questions or concerns, we would be happy to discuss our weight loss plan through a free personal weight loss consultation.

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