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What’s The Best Diet for Us Humans?

by | Sep 24, 2022

Happy Sunday To All!

First, here’s a segment we did last week on Great Day CT with Scott & Kara; it offers the story of our patient Chris Cyr, who successfully lost about 75 pounds with the CFL Program, and has kept it off. This is a usual story for me, but there are some further interesting points:

  1. While losing the weight and dropping his body fat 16 points, at the same time Chris increased his muscle mass significantly (all evident from his photos).
  2. Of course, Chris’ BMI and visceral fat fell accordingly.
  3. Prior to the program, Chris’ doctor was suggesting he begin medication for high blood pressure, which he completely avoided.
  4. Chris is young – at 38, he saw the light and now owns the lifestyle to keep him healthy for the rest of his long life, and enjoy his wife and 3 children well into his future. In fact, he told me at the shooting he was headed out on a wilderness hunting trip which would have been near impossible had he not made the changes!

Chris deserves kudos, and I know he will maintain his healthy lifestyle as his habits are now built-in!

Next, let’s take a moment to discuss why I believe human dietary habits should revolve largely around plant-based sources…not trying to make anyone vegan or vegetarian, but only to make the proper choices for health optimization – you make your own choices, but here’s some rationale. I prefer to go far back along the evolutionary scale to see how we evolved into the creatures we have become today. When you look strictly at the anatomy and physiology of humans, there are several traits which coincide with those of other herbivores, or omnivores:

  1. Dentition – our teeth have evolved to largely chew and grind plant matter; we do not possess the large incisors necessary to tear flesh or kill prey. The fact that our brains have evolved to provide us with spears and other weapons designed to kill have not changed our anatomy one bit in the relatively short timespan we have been on the planet as a distinct species. Furthermore, carnivores do not have the ability to move their jaws from side to side, which humans do, indicated the architecture of the jaws is designed for grinding food, rather than tearing and swallowing, as a carnivore does. Neither do we possess the claws designed for carnivores to kill prey…in fact, if we had to depend upon our anatomical tools to hunt and kill prey, we would have gone the way of the dodo long ago.
  2. Digestive tract – we possess the long intestinal tract of an herbivore, necessary to break down, digest, and assimilate plant matter; carnivores on the other hand possess shorter tracts required to handle animal matter.
  3. Behavior of our nearest relatives – those creatures on the evolutionary tree closest to us, the great apes, notably the chimpanzee, who shares 99% of our DNA, are almost strictly herbivorous. Very occasionally chimps will hunt lower monkeys for a meal, but the bulk of their food, as well as associated primates, is plant-based. I find it difficult to conceive that with the slight genetic changes we have from them, we have suddenly developed into carnivores.
  4. I believe humans made the choice to eat meat eons ago as a survival mechanism when plant food was scarce due to seasonal changes, and the habit stuck. A great choice to survive perhaps, but not optimal ongoing for health and ultimately the survival of other species we need within our ecosystems.

So, what do I believe I the best diet for us homo sapiens? Well, obviously one comprised largely of whole food plant-based matter, but I will say that some free-range eggs and (as unappetizing as this sounds, don’t go putting the exterminators out of business just yet) insects played a part in the diets of our ancestors. These two sources provide the necessary high-quality protein and healthy fats, along with necessary micronutrients we need to remain at our best. The above is simply my best take based upon decades of research and personal experience…make your own best choices, but consider this information when making those choices…for what it’s worth!

Please enjoy the balance of your fall Sunday, and again, should you falter at all, please reach out to me EARLY!


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